herbal remedies – 5 Joint Pain Herbal Remedies For Natural Relief From Pain And Stiffness

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5 Joint Pain Herbal Remedies For Natural Relief From Pain And Stiffness

More than 70% of the American population seek help in herbal remedies for joint pain. Muscularities, ligaments and flexible tissue become inflamed and cause extreme pain in the affected joints.

In a number of people, joint pain conditions appear to be connected to food sensitivities or allergies to coarse foods including dairy and wheat. Other people think that foods from the nightshade category, like peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, worsen their situation, while other people don’t notice any link. If you believe particular foods play a role in your joint pain signs, it is all-important to put them to the trial. Remove suspect foods for 1 week and nightshades for a couple of months. Add cut out foods back into your nourishment, one by one, every 4 days. Take down any effects. Throughout such test and error times, be careful to carry on consuming a nutritionally well-balanced diet to aid your body’s therapeutic efforts. It might be essential to do a more comprehensive elimination or test to identify numerous allergenic foods. Ask a nutritionally consultant for advice on how to try this safely and efficiently.

Relaxation is considered one of the mainly basic treatment factors, which comprehends emotional rest. These uncomplicated herbal remedies might just help ease you from joint pain.


Garlic has been revealed to assist with circulation and enhance blood flow. This is particularly useful where joint pain is concerned. Improving blood flow will help bring oxygen to the infected area and remove unhealthy residues, that have built up.

Red Pepper/Cayenne

Red pepper is an excellent herb, with a large variety of medical properties to
cure the body. It is considered one of the finest regional and circulative tonics. Cayenne pepper may be used externally for poor blood flow and joint pains. However, the use of red pepper can be very hot and some people are allergic to it.


Cherries are such powerful treatment for joint pain. Cherries are remarkably safe, efficient and fast-acting for removing inflammation and pain. Consuming just a handful of cherries a day keeps uric acidic levels in balance, preventing any return of joint pain.

Magnesium sulfate/Epsom salt

Epsom salt, is a natural anti-inflammatory mineral generally used in bath salts. It is also used in ordinary treatment to relieve tired and painful joints and muscles. Magnesium sulfate helps to improve blood flow and encourages healing. The body also absorbs some magnesium while soaking, which can lead to relaxation behavior. Epsom salt baths are generally considered as safe. Use lukewarm and do not soak for more than thirty minutes to avoid chance in body temperature.


Fresh ginger is believed to ease joint pain as it contains elements that have anti-inflammatory characteristics. You could simply use some more ginger in your regular nutrition. If you can’t get fresh ginger, you may use dried ginger instead, even though this might have lower levels of active anti-inflammatory elements.

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By: Dr Andrew Napier

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Although herbs are natural, this does not necessarily mean they are safe. Many of our most potent medicines are from natural resources so you must always ensure that you obtain any herbs from a reputable source and take note of the recommended dosages.

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