Herbal Tea Recipes – Homemade Recipe for Phlegm/Mucus Removal in Throat?

Homemade Recipe for Phlegm/Mucus Removal in Throat?

Is there a homemade ingredient for removing phlegm (mucus) from my throat. I've tried Claritin, Mucinex, salt & water, an herbal tea called “Throat Coat”. None of these products or recipes helped me. I went to the doctor, and he tol me to get a product with the active ingredient loratadine 10mg, but Claritin had that, and didn't help me one bit.

It completely holds me back from singing the way I need to when my throat is clear of the phlegm. And when only a little is in my throat and I try to sing, it slowly starts coming back and I have to stop singing before I make it worse.

Ok so you might find the next few links interesting. These are from around the web, just random snippets that I’ve picked up in my reading, but I found some very cool information in them. You might too. Here goes…

Lemon Verbena Tea Recipe – How To Make Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon Verbena tea is an extremely aromatic herbal tea that is known to do wonders to your health. Here are some wonderful recipes for lemon verbena tea for you to explore.

Simple Detox Tea Recipes that are Easy to Make, best detox and …

Or you could try this herbal tea instead:-. 1 Part Fennel Seed and 1 Part Fenugreek. 1 Part Flax Seed and ¼ Par Liquorice Root. ¼ Part Burdock and 1 Part Peppermint. A further herbal combination which is also good for cleansing and …

Grandma’s Eucalyptus Tea Recipes & Benefits of Eucalyptus Guide

Herbal Tea Recipe for Asthma & Bronchitis. 1 1/2 ounce dried eucalyptus leaves; 1 ounce dried coltsfoot leaves; 1 ounce dried thyme leaves. Use one teaspoon of this herbal mixture per cup of boiling water. Make this tea mixture to help …

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