Herbal Tea Recipes – Where to find recipes for herbal tea to treat ulcerative colitis?

Where to find recipes for herbal tea to treat ulcerative colitis?

I'm looking for Chinese medicinal tea recipes to treat ulcerative colitis. I need some combination of herbs/plants/leaves that will quell the dampness in my spleen (a Chinese medicine term). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Advantages of Yogi Teas

Even though eagerness flower on this resting tea is produced use of in Native American remedies, assisting to decrease well-liked anxiousness to help slumber. In addition,Herbal Tea have licorice, cardamom and cinnamon to the tasty, …

Benefits of Mighty Leaf Tea

Preparing the appropriate cup of herbal tea is simply truly a approach to grow to get savored. Observe how the common elements harmoniously arrive collectively to generate the suitable cup and know precisely the liberation of pure tea …

Try Some Senna Tea

Herbal tea can help you in many ways, some help you relax where others give you energy. Herbs are believed to have a variety of healing properties.Senna is believe to keep the body clean by efficiently eliminating waste. …

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